Easy Slime Recipe

Slime is a messy play activity offered regularly on session in our 'Toddler Room' at Prebbleton Nursery. We love slime because it is relaxing and soothing to play with and it keeps toddlers engaged in their play for long lengths of time. This slime recipe is easy and cost-effective.

1. Dissolve one cup of soap flakes in two litres of warm water.

2. Add colouring if you like.

3. Allow the mixture to stand until it becomes thick and slimy.

4. Beat the mixture with an egg-beater to make it frothy.

Put the slime in a wide, open container (a baby bath works well) or trough with egg-beaters, spoons, funnels, cups, sponges, sieves and whisks for children to experiment with.

Slime can be kept for several days in a covered bucket.

Easy Slime Recipe New Zealand
Slime is easy to make at home

Simple Slime Recipe New Zealand
A baby bath makes the perfect container for slime.